Adding Some Colour

As well as regular New Year’s Resolutions I also made some makeup resolutions this year, as I found that I just kept doing the same neutral/bronzey/brown eye look and I was getting bored of it! I kept seeing these beautiful, bright eye looks on Twitter and Instagram that used a variety of colours and tones and it made me want to try it out myself!

So just before new year I went to Boots and picked up a few items to inject some colour into my everyday makeup! Now I’m not saying that I’m suddenly going to go out with yellow lips and neon purple eyes but I’m going to add a little bit of colour to mix things up!

All of the items I picked up are from NYX and I feel that they are the best brand at the drugstore to get bright, outgoing colours from!


NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette – Brights

The first thing I picked up was the Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights. This has such a pretty array of colours that are exciting and a little bit scary at the same time! The shadows are SO pigmented and easy to blend and are a mixture of mattes and glittery shades.


NYX Vivid Bright Liquid Eyeliners

I also got some of the Vivid Bright Eyeliners in the shades Violet and Fire. Now having only used black liquid liner I was a bit apprehensive when buying these. I have yet to wear them out but have practised with them and the brush is perfect for getting a precise line and sharp angle and the colour dries matte and doesn’t budge!

I already posted one of my attempts at a colourful look on twitter so you can check that out here!

I will also be posting my more colourful looks on Instagram, you can follow me here!


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