How to Party-Proof Your Makeup

Over the Christmas period I went to a few parties and nights out and learnt some sure fire tricks to make your makeup last all evening! So I thought I would share them today…


Using a good primer

When making sure your makeup lasts, priming is essential. When priming my face my two favourites are the No7 Airbrush Away primer which is really creamy and thick so makes your skin a flat smooth surface, meaning your foundation blends easily! Another tip, to make the most of the primer and make sure you get every last bit is to decant the primer into a small pot. I always squeeze out as much as I can then cut the tube open and scoop the rest out! This also means you waste less and you only take as much as you need, theres no risk of squeezing out too much!

I always make sure I prime my eyelids too and the Urban Decay Primer Potion has never let me down! It not only helps my eyeshadow last but it makes the colour more vibrant.


Now I have to be honest when I first heard about baking I thought it was a bit gimmicky but when I actually tried it, it changed my life! I simply use a powder puff to apply the Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder under my eyes and over my nose then dust it away with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush and the Peaches and Cream Setting Powder which due to its white colour helps to brighten my under eye area!

I also use baking to enhance my contour, I use a triangular sponge and apply the Rimmel powder under my cheek bones then dust away with a fluffy brush.

Setting Spray (Not just for setting your face!)

This is kind of a no brainer but, using setting spray really does help as it keeps your whole face in place! I like to use the Urban Decay De-Slick Spray as it also helps to prevent my oily T Zone from making an appearance.

Setting spray can also be used to enhance shimmery/glittery eyeshadows! You simply spray the brush before applying the shadow and it looks a lot more shimmery!

Taking your Time

This sounds a bit weird but I always find that if I take my time with my makeup and make sure to blend everything properly and let things set/dry, that my makeup just sits better and doesn’t cake up!



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